SR9009 Australia: How Do Bodybuilders Use It in 2023?

There has been a lot of talk about SR9009 (stenabolic) within the bodybuilding community. This substance was initially made for patients suffering from muscle and bone-related conditions. However, as time went by, amateur athletes have noticed that stenabolic can provide enormous gains in a short time.

The product is readily available in the Evolve Clinics Research store. Besides increasing muscle size, it can provide numerous other benefits.

There isn’t enough medical data that would corroborate these claims, but numerous user reports suggest that the substance is simply amazing for boosting your athletic performance.

In this article, we will take a look at SR9009’s benefits and side effects.

What is SR9009 (stenabolic)?

This is a synthetic medicine created by professor Thomas Burris. Experts categorize this drug as a SARM or selective androgen receptor modulator. The product is meant to affect specific androgen receptors within the human body, thus increasing lean muscles.

An important thing about most SARMs is that, unlike steroids, they usually don’t require PCT or post-cycle therapy. The only exception to this is RAD-140. Stenabolic was created to help medical patients and, in particular, people who are suffering from degenerative muscle and bone conditions.

As time went by, people have noticed its incredible impact on the muscle tissue, and they slowly started using it as an enhancement supplement. Companies usually advertise it as a product that can boost energy and endurance but also provide protection and regeneration to the tissue.

When the substance was used on mice, they’ve exhibited significantly lower anxiety scores, while their inflammation and cholesterol levels have dropped significantly. While this data is indicative, it shouldn’t be taken as conclusive. We only have animal data, as stenabolic was never used on human subjects.

At this point, we have very limited information as to how the product could be used by humans and whether you should use it in the first place. There is no medical data about optimal dosage, length of cycle, and administration. Generally speaking, most people refer to anecdotal evidence and suggestions from other bodybuilders when administering the product.

What are the potential benefits of SR9009?

Although we cannot say with certainty how the substance might work, there are some clear indications it can help you with:

  • Increase in muscle size

Most people start using stenabolic and other SARMs to increase their muscles. Out of all the potential benefits, this is the most likely improvement that you’ll experience after using the chemical.

During one cycle, a bodybuilder can experience enormous gains. Keep in mind that you should continue exercising in order to achieve maximum results. While your muscles will still increase without training, you will get really buffed if you do so.

Besides passively increasing muscles, the substance can also facilitate other processes that can indirectly lead to muscle gains.

  • Fat loss

Not only will you increase muscles with this product, but you will also lose a lot of fat. Your body will start utilizing fat deposits as the main energy source. So, if you have a strict diet and workout regiment, your whole body will experience major change during a cycle.

Stenabolic works in 3 ways: it increases calorie and glucose metabolism and improves basal metabolic rate.

First off, the product will change how the liver uses glucose. A larger quantity of the substance will go into the organ instead of being utilized as fat.

SR9009 will allow our bodies to be more efficient. It reduces the future transformation of food into fats and uses a higher percentage of fats during workouts. Lastly, the chemical will constantly force your body to burn fats, even when you’re not exercising.

  • Strength and energy

Another reason why the product is so great is that it increases your energy and strength.

Logically, your strength will increase as the muscles do. However, this boost will start in just a few days, even before your muscles start growing. As the strength increases, you will be able to train at a higher level, thus enhancing your body even further.

Due to all previously mentioned metabolic improvements, those who are using stenabolic will also have more energy. Like strength, an increase in energy will have to facilitate better workouts leading to further gains.

  • Protection and regeneration of the tissue

Not only does the substance increase the muscles, but it also strengthens them. Your muscle tissue is broken down on a molecular level every time you exercise.

While our bodies are able to repair the damage, they are not omnipotent. As we push ourselves to the limited, the damage becomes more extensive, often leading to injuries.

The chemical will help boost the generation of new cells and protect the existing ones. The fine muscle tissue will regenerate at a faster rate allowing you to continue working out at the same level without suffering a debilitating setback due to ligament tear or something similar.

What are the potential side effects of SR9009?

Like with everything else regarding this chemical, we have very limited data about its potential drawbacks. Most of it is based on circumstantial user data as there is no research that would give us a clear picture.

Usually, the side effects are a result of improper use. A bodybuilder might overuse the chemical in one way or another.

Generally speaking, don’t expect the same volatile drawbacks that steroids cause. Among others, stenabolic shouldn’t cause any damage to your testicles, heart, or prostate.

It is worth noting that the bodybuilding substance doesn’t have an estrogenic or androgenic impact on the body. Furthermore, you can use it whether you’re a male or a female.

If a person does experience side effects, they usually come in the form of injection site irritation. You might also get a headache or some metabolic changes.

If you notice any problem, you should stop administering the product immediately. Make sure to consult with a health professional.

According to anecdotal data, the optimal dose is somewhere between 20 to 30 mg. Try to stick with that, and you probably won’t have any issues.

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