How Long Are SARMs Detectable in Urine

How Long Are SARMs Detectable in Urine?

This article will answer the question “how long are sarms detectable in urine“. Let’s jump right in!

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) have the same therapeutic properties as androgenic steroids, but they have fewer unwanted effects. They bind to the androgenic receptors, alter the DNA and cause your muscles to grow. As a result, athletes and bodybuilders use SARMs to increase muscle mass and stay fit. 

If you are on SARMs, you will want to know how long they stay in your urine for various reasons; For instance, you may want to explore other compounds and avoid adverse drug interactions. On the other hand, you may be an athlete with an upcoming drug test.

Whatever reason applies to you, we understand. This article aims to explore the various factors influencing how long SARMs stay in your urine and how long it takes to detect each SARM in urine;

SARMs Drug Test

Although SARMs are utterly different from anabolic steroids, there’s a lot of skepticism around them. Thus, numerous institutions prohibit their use.

SARMs tests are costly and are mainly carried out on athletes. Urine tests are the most common way of detecting SARMs in the urine and body.

Apart from SARMs, these tests look for other metabolites like steroids, androgens, and pheromones. Usually, it will take at least three doses and ten days before the test to turn positive. But this will depend on individual SARM and factors influencing how long it takes to clear SARMS from your urine.

Factors That Determine How Long SARMs Stay In Your Urine

Although numerous studies have been carried out sound SARMs, there is still inadequate information regarding how body weight, dosage, metabolic rate, and genetic makeup influence SARMS clearance from the urine and body. Thus, some claims made regarding SARMs may not be valid for you.

The following factors determine how long SARMs stay in your system;

  • Body Weight

Your body weight greatly influences SARMs clearance from your urine and system. In this regard, the more you weigh, the faster the clearance. On the other hand, it may take longer to clear SARMs if you weigh less.

  • Metabolic Rate

Many factors influence your metabolism rate, including age, gender, physical activity, and muscle to fat ratio. For instance, the metabolism rate decreases with age. Thus, it will take longer to clear SARMs as you grow older.

Additionally, males have higher metabolic rates than females. Therefore, depending on the above factors, you may have a fast or slow metabolism that could affect the clearance rate of SARMs from your urine.


Your genes influence your metabolism rate and subsequent excretion of SARMs from your body. Genes affect the melanocortin – 4 receptor that regulates metabolism. Thus, depending on your genes, it may take longer or shorter to clear SARMs from the urine.

SARMs Dosage

SARMs dosage determines how long the body will take to clear it. For instance, it will take longer to clear 40 mg of SARMs than to clear 10 mg of the same drug. Thus, you may want to consider lower doses when looking forward to a drug test.

SARMS in Your Urine

Individual SARMs take different periods to clear from the body and rid metabolites from the urine. The following section looks at scientific studies and reports indicating how long each SARM is detectable in urine;

Ostarine is also known as Enobosarm and was developed in 1997 to treat osteoporosis and muscle wasting disorders. This research was carried out to determine the time to excrete Ostarin from the urine and body. Participants were given different dosages, and their urine samples were collected for testing. The results indicated that it takes approximately nine days to detect Ostarin from urine.

Ligandrol is a selective androgen receptor modulator developed to support osteoporosis and muscle wasting. A study was aimed to investigate the metabolism of Ligandrol in humans. In the study, a sample of Ligandrol was given to a male human volunteer, and a urine sample was collected after 21 days. The results indicated that Ligandrol metabolites were found in the urine after 22 days. Other reports stated that it takes at least 30 days to completely clear Ligandrol from the human urine and body.

RAD 140 is an investigational SARM developed to prevent muscle loss. Research conducted to determine the SARMs metabolic stability indicated that RAD-140 is detectable in urine for up to eight days after a single dose of 10mg. However, other reports suggest that it can take up to three weeks to completely clear the SARM from the body. Considering that RAD-140 has a 20-30 mg/day dosage, removing it from the urine may take longer.

  • Andarine

Andarine was developed to prevent muscle loss and combat osteoporosis. However, there is no scientific data on human metabolism because human research was halted at an early age. Although some reports indicate that it can take up to two weeks, no scientific study has confirmed this. Thus, be careful when using it if you have an upcoming drug test.

YK 11 is a synthetic SARM with a 6-10 hours half-life. A study was conducted to determine YK11 in vivo metabolism and detect its metabolites in the urine. During the study, the unconjugated metabolites were still detectable in urine post-administration. Other reports suggest that it may take one to two weeks to clear YK11 from the urine.

MK-677 is also known as Ibutamoren and is a non-peptide Ghrelin receptor agonist. A research was conducted to determine the invitro metabolism of Ibutamoren by Manfred Donike workshop. During the study,10 mg of the compound was given to a male human volunteer, and his sample was collected after two weeks for testing. The results indicated multiple traces of Ibutamoren that showed its abuse.


Hopefully, now you know the answer to the question “How Long Are SARMs Detectable in Urine”.

In short, SARMs are therapeutically similar to anabolic steroids, but they provide a safer alternative because they are more specific. However, many institutions treat them as illicit substances.

In addition, SARMs tests are expensive and are mainly recommended for athletes. SARMs are detectable in urine 10 to 14 days after use for most products, but it may take up to three in others. Thus, giving your body at least 30 days to completely rid SARMs and pass a test is essential.

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