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Tanning Peptides: Methods, Advantages, Usage [2023]

There are many ways to get a natural, good-looking tan. But even lesser ways that don’t involve a compromise to your health. Moreover, it’s challenging to get a tan that lasts long without turning orange when fading. And one without a lot of work to maintain. Getting one is a dream come true for most people. And fortunately, it’s within everyone’s reach—all with a favorable safety profile. Below, you’re going to see the advantage of recent scientific development in the world of tanning peptides. What they are, the advantages, and how to use them. But first,

What is Tanning?

Tanning is the process of making the skin darker through exposure to ultraviolet light or other artificial means. Tanning works by increasing melanin production on the skin, especially on fair-skinned individuals.

And people use the practice to increase Vitamin D synthesis in the body, protect the skin from harmful sun rays, improve body image, sync their circadian rhythm, and treat psoriasis.

What is Melanin?

Melanin is a skin pigment that protects the skin from harmful UV rays which cause skin damage and burns.

The body increases melanin production in the presence of sun exposure, certain hormones, or advancing age. A severe lack of melanin can lead to conditions such as albinism which further increases the rate of skin cancer development.

That means that those with less melanin have a higher risk of developing melanomas – a type of skin cancer – and require a ton of effort to protect their skin from damage.

Melanin also acts as an antioxidant to toxins produced by UV light damage. The pigment also helps one get enough Vitamin D from the sun, essential in regulating energy and mood—all without the risk of developing cancer.

Tanning Methods

Popular tanning methods include a natural suntan, tanning beds, spray tan, tanning peptides, or bronzing lotions.

However, in suntans and tanning beds, UV rays cause damage to the skin, thus leading to melanomas or squamous cell carcinomas, which are both dangerous. They also induce eye damage, sunburn, and many more health risks.

In spray tans or bronzing lotions, they irritate the skin, thus exposing it to further damage. Therefore, they are not ideal for use for people with sensitive skin. On the other hand, tanning peptides have a tolerable profile and many benefits.

What are Tanning Peptides?

Tanning peptides are a group of amino acids developed artificially. The molecules provide quick and long-lasting tanning results. And are sold as Melanotan I and Melanotan II.

Both of the compounds act in the body to stimulate the production of a hormone called Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH). And since MSH is naturally produced in the pituitary gland, Melanotan is a product with little or no side effects.

Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone then binds to Melanocortin receptors. The molecule then induces the pigment cells in the skin and hair to produce melanin.

The more your body synthesizes melanin, the darker the skin becomes. And therefore, the pigment dictates the skin tone, color of eyelashes, and eyebrows. Consequently, tanning peptides help produce a smooth tan without damaging your skin cells and causing melanomas.

Melanotan I and II work through similar mechanisms. The difference is that Melanotan I increases melanogenesis through sunless tanning. On the other hand, Melanotan II increases melanogenesis with little sun exposure. The compound also causes other effects such as penile erection and sexual stimulation.

What are the Advantages of Tanning Peptides?

Skin Protection

Tanning peptides help protect your skin from harmful UV-B rays. And therefore a good choice for people with light intolerance and whose skin burns easily.

When melanin production increases, it helps protect the layer under the skin called hypodermis from UV radiation.

The skin pigment accomplishes that by absorbing the harmful UV-B light. And in the end, it prevents the formation of skin cancers.

Injection of Melanotan II produces two types of skin pigmentation shades. And thus, the peptide creates an even tan without the need for tanning booths.

Boost Libido

Melanotan II is an erogenous peptide that boosts libido in men and women. Studies show that men experience more robust erections, and women have increased sexual desire.

Other Benefits

  • Studies show that tanning peptides may protect against skin cancer caused by harmful UV radiation.
  • They may reduce appetite and help in the body’s regulation of lipids and glucose. And therefore can induce weight loss.
  • Tanning peptides also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
  • They may help support immunity and management of autoimmune skin conditions.

Side Effects of Tanning Peptides

The downside of Melanotan I and II are minimal and tolerable. However, some of the adverse effects include; fatigue, involuntary stretching and yawning, daytime sleepiness, mild nausea, increased moles and freckles, and flushing of the face.

How are Tanning Peptides Used?

Pharmaceutical companies package the tanning peptides in powder form. Which then the doctor mixes into a solution.

The physician then injects the liquid mixture into the fatty layer under the skin of the belly button. Your body then absorbs the peptides readily through the skin and distributes them, producing an even and natural tan.

Experts recommend injecting Melanotan once a day until you achieve the desired skin tone. After that, reduce the injection frequency to once or twice a week to maintain the tan.

However, many dubious people with harmful tanning peptides take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Therefore, it’s essential to get your tanning peptides from a trusted medical practitioner specializing in peptide therapy.

That measure will help you get the correct effective and toxin-free dosage. Making you look better than ever without damaging your health.


Many tanning methods in the market include tanning beds, tanning pills, bronze lotions, natural sun tanning, etc. But none beats tanning peptides in terms of safety.

That is because Melanotan I and II help in the indirect stimulation of naturally produced melanin on the skin. And due to that process, users experience minimal side effects.

Tanning peptides provide many benefits to users. These include skin protection, boosting libido, regulating the body’s metabolism, and can help prevent some skin cancers.

Purchase your peptides from trusted sources like our store so that they don’t compromise your health.

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