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IGF-1 Description

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Product name: IGF-LR3

Short name: Insulin Growth Spike, Increased Muscle Cells Peptide

Concentration: 1mg

Volume: 3ml vial

Suggested Diluent: Bacteriostatic water

Product Summary:

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IGF-1 LR3 is the next generation in performance enhancement for muscle building. It is an essential growth factor our bodies produce, even more than HGH.

Spiked levels have been shown to drastically increase muscle growth due to training & the rapid repair of existing muscle fibers, as well as the regeneration of new muscle fibers.

IGF1-LR3 Insulin Growth factor Long LR3. IGF-1 is a polypeptide hormone with some of the same properties as insulin.

Responsible for long bone growth in children, IGF-1 has anabolic effects on adults’ muscle growth, repair, and recovery.

Key Benefits of IGF-1:

  • Increased muscle cells

Do you want to build bigger, stronger muscles fast? Then, if you buy Igf-1-lr3 will help you reach those goals. That stellar product works in the same way as naturally produced IGF-1 to magnify your hard work in the gym. But the only difference between the two compounds is that IGF-1-lr3 is three times stronger than natural insulin-like growth factor-1.

  • Enhanced pumps

Your post-workout body will delight you. The fuller pumps result from igf-1-lr3’s ability to promote vascularity. The product also facilitates the proliferation and maturation of satellite cells to muscle cells, thus contributing to the spectacular physique.

  • Bigger reps

People are taking igf-1-lr3 and reporting improvements in compound lifts such as squats, shoulder presses, deadlifts, and the bench press. That benefit occurs because of the product’s ability to induce rapid muscle growth and bone density. Moreover, you’ll be able to control your lifts well because the drug promotes a healthy brain and nervous system.

  • Increased strength

The product helps you lift heavier weights, corresponding to increased muscle strength. And you’ll get that effect through the enhanced muscle proliferation, which supports the heavy workload. Therefore, maximize those gains by combining igf-1-lr3 with a good workout and diet plans.

  • Phenomenally increased lifts

Imagine breaking your previous records on various lifts and advancing through weight classes effortlessly. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about your joints. That god-like power is within your reach. You won’t regret using igf-1-lr3.

  • Faster recovery times

Research supports igf-1-lr3 in increasing your body’s healing rate. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about missing workouts due to muscle soreness. In addition, the product ensures consistency by optimizing your immune system and promoting protein anabolism.

Dosing of IGF-1:

IGF-1 is sold in vials containing 1MG of lyophilised powder which should be stored under refrigeration.

(It is acceptable, however, for them to be mailed unrefrigerated). The contents can be reconstituted by adding a convenient amount of sterile or bacteriostatic water.

For example:

1mg of powder

1ml of bacteriostatic water

equals 1,000 mcg/ml

equals x 10 doses of 100mcgs

You can take IGF-1 LR3 up to 7 days a week at a dose of 50 – 150mcg a day. Desensitization has been shown to occur at around 40 days or roughly 4 weeks.

At the time of dosing, an insulin syringe is used to draw and then inject the desired amount. In the above example, a 100 mcg dose would require only 0.10 mL, or “10 IU” as marked on an insulin syringe.

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