How Long Does Ostarine Stay in Your Body

How Long Does Ostarine Stay in Your Body? [2023]

This article explores some basics about Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, how they work, and will answer the question of how long does Ostarine stay in your body.

Over the years, many substances and supplements have been used to augment fitness and bodybuilding. One of such is SARMs. These products increase lean muscle mass, regulate body fat, and can be used in treating some other health conditions.

There is still a lot that researchers don’t know about SARMs. One of the commonest questions people have when using or considering to use SARMs like ostarine is how long it stays in the system.

What are SARMs?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are a class of natural compounds that act on androgen receptors to increase the production of some hormones. This increases anabolic activities that buff up muscle growth.

This is similar to what anabolic steroids do. However, steroids stimulate androgen receptors in many other parts of the body, leading to undesired effects. SARMs like Ostarine do not affect non-skeletal muscle tissues.

What is Ostarine, and Where Did It Come from?

Ostarine (Mk 2866 or MK-2866) is also called enobosarm. It is an experimental substance growing a lot of popularity in the world of bodybuilding and fitness because of this advantage. It was developed by GTx Inc.

Ostarine was not initially created for recreational bodybuilding or fitness. Scientists at GTx were looking for a more potent drug that could help people suffering from terminal illnesses who experience cachexia or muscle wasting and osteoporosis (weakening of the bones).

This includes people living with HIV/AIDS, auto-immune diseases, age-related muscle loss, sarcopenia, muscular dystrophy, and advanced cancers.

Ostarine helped to buff their muscles up to improve their quality of life. Following its effectiveness in this regard, healthy people started using it to augment their physical exercises in order to achieve their dream physiques.

Uses of Ostarine (MK-2866)

Aside from people who are chronically ill, athletes and bodybuilders also use SARMs for various reasons. Here are some benefits of using ostarine:

  1. Boost strength: SARMs like ostarine increases strength by activating biochemical substances in the body that stimulate the release of energy. This helps you feel stronger and better able to carry out exercises that are physically strenuous. You must, however, ensure you go on an appropriate diet while using SARMs with your training schedule. Your body needs a lot of protein for energy. While ostarine will ensure your body maximizes the protein in it for energy, it does not provide energy on its own.
  2. Improves recovery process: This is one of the commonest reasons many athletes and weightlifters turn to SARMs. Ostarine is known to stimulate would healing in sportspeople, especially those involving muscle wear and tear. Pulling a hamstring could pose a threat to one’s athletic career. It also ensures you can undergo more arduous training, push yourself to your limits without worrying much about getting injured.
  3. Lean muscle growth and fat reduction: SARMs are known to reduce fat present in the body by increasing your basal metabolic rate. One could lose up to 5% of body fat if one maintains a steady diet and exercise regime. One cycle of SARMs could add as much as 5kg of muscle mass. It is so effective that people often see the results within weeks, evidenced by nice-looking muscles.

How Long Does Ostarine Stay in Your Body?

The elimination of SARMs from the body depends on quite a number of variables. Various studies will show various things, but the average elimination half-life of the substance is about 24 hours.

This does not mean the entire drug would be cleared out of your system in 24 hours but that half of what you took would already be eliminated. It might take weeks to months before you test negative to SARMs.

Unfortunately, most studies do not specify the exact details of the subjects used or the amount of SARMs used. However, we will still consider the various parameters that influence the answer to the question of how long does Ostarine stay in your body.

  1. Weight

    The relationship between weight and elimination time of ostarine is such that heavier people tend to have faster elimination time. This means people who weigh less tend to have the substance stay longer in their bodies. Based on this alone, it is already clear that two people of different weights would have different elimination times.

  2. Metabolic rate

    Metabolic rate refers to how fast one can break down and expel substances from the body. It usually varies from person to person and from substance to substance. Metabolic rate also depends on quite a number of factors – features and activities. It depends on age, sex, genetic composition, physical activity, hormone, food, etc. People who have a fast metabolic rate will have ostarine live their bodies faster than those with a slower rate.

  3. Amount taken

    This is more straightforward. The more of a substance you take, the longer it is going to remain in your system. The more air you put in a balloon, the longer it is going to take to let it outback. So, taking100mg of ostarine would mean it stay longer in your system than if you take just 10mg.

  4. Genetic makeup

    There could be some genetic predisposition to how long ostarine stays in your body. Some people are genetically designed to be able to eliminate the drug quickly while it stays longer in some people’s systems. There is usually nothing you can do about this.

  5. Interactions

    Food and drugs often interact when used together. Some drugs reduce or increase the activity of some enzymes that work on other drugs. Food also increases or reduces the absorption of some substances by the body. These interactions often affect how long drugs stay within the boy. For ostarine, not much has been noted so far, but there is every possibility that some foods and drugs affect how long it stays in the body.

Wrapping Up: How Long Does Ostarine Stay in Your Body?

There is still a lot of things we do not know about ostarine and how the body gets rid of it. We can, however, tell you that its elimination depends on a number of factors. As such, two people are unlikely to have the same elimination patterns.

Heavier people, people with fast metabolic rates, people who take lower dosages, and a favorable genetic makeup would get rid of ostarine faster than those on the opposite side. How ostarine interacts with food and other drugs remains unknown, but we don’t doubt that there will be some exciting findings in due time.

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