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Best SARMs in Australia for 2023

If you’ve limited experience with SARMs, you probably don’t know where to start. That’s why we created this detailed guide about the best SARMs in Australia for 2023.

SARM stands for selective androgen receptors modulators. In other words, these chemicals have a very selective impact on androgen receptors.

By binding to them, SARMs can cause an increase in hormonal activity. To be more precise, they can increase your testosterone levels. In most cases, these products are advertised as chemicals that can increase your lean muscle mass.

However, they can help you with lots of different issues:

  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Fat burning
  • Increase in strength and energy
  • Protection and regeneration of bone and muscle tissue
  • Improvement of various metabolic functions (such as appetite)

As you can presume, these chemicals are prevalent among amateur athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness professionals. While the emphasis is on lean muscle mass gain, we cannot neglect their ability to protect tissue during workouts. In that sense, SARMs not only provide passive muscle growth but can also allow you to train harder.

Selective androgen receptor modulators can affect recovery times by shortening them. If you decide to stick to the same recovery times, you can expect that your fine muscle fibers will be more regenerated. In other words, SARMs reduce wear and tear. They can also be good for nagging injuries.

There is much debate about whether athletes can use these products for certain degenerative conditions. However, given how they affect muscles, there is a case to be made that an athlete can use SARMs for conditions such as degenerative muscle wasting and osteoporosis.

If you wish to use SARMs for certain medical conditions, you shouldn’t dose yourself. Instead, you would have to consult a medical practitioner beforehand. While these items are regarded as much safer than steroids, they can still cause certain side effects.

What is the difference between SARMs and steroids?

Given that these products are used for muscle-building, it only makes sense that people would first compare them to steroids. Unfortunately, while steroids have been at the top of bodybuilding supplements for several decades, they are slowly overshadowed by SARMs and peptides.

Selective androgen receptor modulators provide the same gains as traditional steroids but without those severe side effects such as cancer and infertility. Therefore, you would want to switch to the new drugs for a safer experience.

These products are great because they have a selective effect on our bodies. However, experts often criticize steroids because they have such a wholesome impact on the body.

To be precise, they tend to affect numerous organs at once. As a result, we’ve heard multiple cases of people who developed cancer after utilizing these chemicals. On the other hand, SARMs should only affect bone and muscle tissue, providing the right boosts without excessive side effects.

Perhaps the best way to describe SARMs is as testosterone stimulating products. This is because they mimic the impact of the hormone within the human body. But, testosterone levels will increase naturally.

What are the best SARMs in Australia?

SARMs can differ in terms of their potency and benefits. Depending on what you’re using, cycles and dosages can be completely different.

Of course, you can also expect different lean muscle gains. Some will be better for regeneration, while others would provide a great boost to your bones.

So, here are the best SARMs in Australia you can buy on the market:

RAD-140 (Testolone) – Probably One of the Best SARMs Out There

Supplement experts believe that Testolone is the most potent product in this category. Based on user data, you might experience a 10% lean muscle increase during the first 28 days of the cycle.

It is worth noting that RAD-140 will not affect fats in your body. The substance has gone through preclinical toxicology tests, but it is still not fully approved.

According to initial data, the product shouldn’t cause severe side effects, nor should it lead to the same problems as steroids. Remember that it is essential to perform PCT after the cycle to retain your gains.

LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)

While RAD-140 is probably the most robust product, LGD-4033 is the most balanced SARM. It is also the most recognizable chemical from this group. As you can presume, a user can experience enormous gains during a Ligandrol cycle. You can also lose lots of fats during this period.

What’s very important is that LGD-4033 shouldn’t affect anything besides muscles and bones. In other words, it shouldn’t cause any issues to your prostate and sebaceous glands. As a result, you are unlikely to experience problems such as acne, boldness, or prostate cancer. The product is fantastic for both men and women.

MK-677 (Ibutamoren)

Ibutamoren is considered one of the top 5 muscle-building products in Australia. The item can have a major impact on your physique and increase levels of several different hormones.

According to bodybuilders, MK-677 provides a very complex impact on muscle cells. Besides that, many people use it to increase regeneration and tissue protection. In addition, people often use it after suffering an injury.

YK-11 (Alpha Gain)

Like all other items on this list, YK-11 is also developing. Regardless, based on everything we know so far, the SARM can provide significant lean muscle gains with minimal side effects. Because of that, it should be considered one of the best SARMs in Australia ever to be created.

Item is trendy among amateur athletes and bodybuilders.

Do You Need a Post-Cycle Therapy with Your SARMs Cycle?

No. SARMs give you fast recovery without affecting the Hypothalamus Pituitary-Testicular Axis (HPTA). Therefore, you’ll hardly get any hormone suppression. For example, Ostarine doesn’t have any suppressive effect. Accordingly, you won’t need any PCT.

The PCT protocol follows anabolic steroid use, where testosterone maintains the body in an anabolic state. And thus, bodybuilders need that hormonal therapy to return their body’s metabolism and physiology to normal by reviving their HPTA.

How Long is a SARMs Cycle?

The typical cycle for beginners is 4-6 weeks. However, that time will depend on your tolerance to the compounds and the side effects you’ll get while training. Therefore, ensure your safety by using the lowest dosage amount, then add up gradually.

Is it Legal to Purchase SARMs in Australia?

No, SARMs are illegal in Australia. However, that prohibition shouldn’t stop you. You’ll still achieve your fitness goals because there are companies that ship and distribute to the country.

You can’t buy or use SARMs without a doctor’s authorization because the government only permits the drug for patients with wasting diseases. Also, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) classifies the drug as a Schedule 4 controlled substance.

Using the products will land you in legal trouble unless you use them cautiously. For example, you’ll get a 6-month jail term if you live in New South Wales, which isn’t a severe offense considering that police have better cases to handle.

In Australia, selling and distributing SARMs is a much more consequential offense that even regular supplement stores don’t sell them. That crime could land you a 5-year prison sentence and an AUD$1-million fine. Therefore, only selected vendors may handle them.

Are Cardarine and Stenabolic Legal?

Unfortunately, since 2018, the TGA has labeled both Cardarine and Stenabolic as schedule 9 substances. That level is the same as cocaine, making their use a severe offense. And thus, even doctors can’t recommend those drugs.

Do Fitness Influencers and Professional Athletes Use SARMs?

Doping agencies ban SARMs use. That prohibition is because the performance-enhancing drugs work so well to improve athletes’ strength and endurance. And that effect would be an unfair advantage.

If they catch you, they will disqualify your results and expel you from the competition for four years. For example, the authorities banned Simon McCoy, the Australian wrestler who tested positive for LGD-4033, from wrestling competitions from 2018 to 2022.

Does Israel Adesanya Use SARMs?

Yes, and no. There’s no clear evidence of Izzy’s PED use except for the gynecomastia on his right nipple. He attributes that sign to his early cannabis use. However, here’s the fishy part. USADA never revealed his doping results during the fight night against Paulo Costa when first noticed. So, you decide.

In 2019, Jon Jones also tested positive for a Turnibol metabolite. However, USADA said that the UFC athlete was on ‘picograms.’ Moreover, research says that steroids provide benefits for up to 10 years.

Athletes use all kinds of biological hacks to enhance their performance, whether or not those stories are true. And there’s no doubt SARMs make their way to rugby teams and mixed martial art sports.

Do Australian Influencers Use SARMs?

Facebook and Instagram influencers are marketing SARMs using their stories and posts. However, don’t risk publicizing the drugs even though cops aren’t hunting down those users for breaking supplement regulations. An excellent example of Australian influencers is ‘Chestbrah,’ the Instagram star and brother of the famous Zyzz.

How to Choose the Best SARMs Supplier in Australia?

Use the following criterion to verify a good vendor:

Third-party Testing to Ensure Purity.

Buying from companies you trust helps protect you from losing your hard-earned money. Third-party tests mean that the company outsources its tests to unaffiliated laboratories, thus ensuring legitimacy and unbiased analysis. That purity assessment helps you rule out the underdosed or spiked products.

Fast Shipping.

Shop from companies that offer guaranteed shipping within 5-7 days.

Many Good Reviews

A company is as good as its reputation, so associate yourself with the best in the industry. You do that by checking reviews on social media such as Reddit to ensure other people have a pleasant experience with the products.

Refund/Money-back Policy

Always trust a company that trusts itself to deliver high-quality products. Therefore, go for sellers that allow you to return a product if you receive it damaged. Local companies offer a policy of 1 week to 30 days, but none for liquid items because they denature fast in the harsh Australian heat.

What is the Future of SARMs in Australia?

The Australian government won’t be making SARMs legal ‌soon. Instead, doping agencies will continue to ban those products. And the regulatory agency will continue to schedule new drugs like YK-11 and S-4 even as more research comes up on the products.

Unfortunately, you’ll also witness a boom in the underground SARMs market, and inferior products will flood the market. Therefore, shop with companies like Evolve Clinics for guaranteed top-shelf products.

Best SARMs in Australia – FAQ

What is a SARMs Stack?

A stack allows you to take advantage of the strengths of each compound, thus helping you reach your dream physique faster. For example, imagine gaining muscle mass while cutting or maintaining a healthy body fat percentage while bulking. Those are the benefits you’ll reap when you use a stack, and as a bonus, you can enjoy the discounts that Evolve Clinics offers.

Are SARMs Good For Beginners?

Yes. But take it slow by starting with one product, thus allowing your body time to metabolize and tolerate the SARMs. At first, you might need PCT to enable your body to return to homeostasis while maintaining your gains. And then, after two or three cycles, you can start experimenting with a stack or different cycle lengths.

When Should I Consider Using SARMs?

Do you want to break through plateaus? Or perhaps you’re an athlete looking to gain an edge in competitions. Whatever your goals are, SARMs will help you achieve them. However, only use the products as supplements to a good diet and workout plan to maximize your gains.

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