Are SARMs Banned in Australia in 2022

Are SARMs Banned in Australia in 2023?

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs ) are therapeutic compounds developed in the 1940s to treat osteoporosis and muscle wasting. SARMs are widely marketed as bodybuilding supplements in Australia, but are they banned? Unlike in other countries where professional athletes can buy and use SARMs legally, things are different in Australia.

The therapeutic goods administration agency (TGA) regulates SARMs in Australia. The agency classifies SARMs as performance and image-enhancing drugs, anabolic steroids, beta 2 agonists, stimulants, peptide hormones, growth factors, and tanning agents.

According to TGA, performance and image enhancement contain unknown risks like liver failure and stroke. Furthermore, little is known about these compounds because they are still undergoing clinical trials.

Legality Of SARMs In Australia

The TGA classifies SARMs as schedule four drugs. Therefore, they are prescription-only medications with no risk of addiction or abuse.

However, you can only buy SARMs in Australia with a valid prescription from a doctor, which is hard to come by. In addition, possession and use of SARMs are banned in Australia without prescription.

Thus, you risk a maximum of six months jail term if you are caught illegally in possession of these compounds.

Is It Legal to supply SARMs in Australia?

The supply of SARMS without the necessary permission is banned in Australia. If you get caught, you can get up to $1 million in fines or up to five years of imprisonment.

The TGA carries out regular crackdowns on stores and gyms that illegally sell SARMs, and you can get in trouble when caught illegally handling these compounds.

Companies interested require a permit from the office of drug control (ODC) to import SARMs, and these licenses are only issued to medical practitioners and pharmacists.

SARMs and Competitive Sports

The Australian sports anti-doping Authority (ASADA) has banned the use of SARMs by athletes because they give them an unfair competitive advantage. Some of the Athletes caught using SARMs in the past were automatically disqualified and prohibited from participating in sports for four years.

For instance, Shyna Jack, an Australian swimmer, tested positive for Ligandrol before competing in South Korea’s swimming championship. However, she claimed not to know how she got it in her system. In another case, Joakim Noah, an international NBA player, was banned for 20 games after testing positive for SARMs.

Do Australians Use SARMs?

A lot of Australians use SARMs without getting in trouble with the authorities. Some do it openly on their social media pages.

However, there is no way to tell if they have valid doctors’ prescriptions or not. Thus, it does not change that it’s illegal to supply SARMs without proper licensing or handle them without a valid prescription.

Is SARMs Safe?

Although SARMs were initially developed to treat osteoporosis and muscle wasting disorders, the FDA has not approved them for human use. Most SARMs are still undergoing clinical trials for the treatment of such conditions.

Additionally, SARMs are associated with unwanted effects like liver damage, heart attack, and stroke risk. Thus, it’s essential to stop using SARMs if you experience any undesirable effects.


SARMs are widely marketed for bodybuilding in Australia. However, the therapeutic goods administration (TGA) classifies them as schedule 4 prescription drugs.

Thus, you should have a valid prescription to possess and use SARMs. Additionally, the TGA has banned the supply of SARMs without proper licensing, while the Australian sports anti-doping agency has banned their use among athletes.

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